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Installing a children's carousel is a great option to create a play space for toddlers. Children love the speed that rides on the carousel bring, as well as the opportunity to spend time playing with friends. A bright, colorful carousel on the court instantly enhances the playing landscape. Moreover, the children's street carousel often becomes the center of the play area. The entire entertainment complex for children is built around it.

Varieties of carousels for the street

The range of carousels with a mechanical stroke is large. Despite the same principle of operation, they differ structurally. You can buy from us:

Modern designs are distinguished by high aesthetics, produced with a colorful design. Shells are designed for different ages. But all of them are safe to use. Children's street carousels for the smallest users are distinguished by side hand supports, in some cases - belts.

Carousels from "GOYDA": features and benefits

The developer and manufacturer of equipment for children's playgrounds - the company "GOYDA" - offers to buy carousels for the park, playgrounds, summer cottages, local area on favorable terms. In the catalog you will find this type of shells for the game landscape in a wide range:

This choice allows the carousel to be ordered taking into account the installation conditions and the expected operating conditions - for a summer residence you can choose a single projectile, buy several different designs for the park, a multi-seat universal model for a cafe or sports complex outside.

Our products are characterized by:

You can learn more about carousels and other elements for creating a children's play area by contacting the contact phone. Our experts will answer your questions and prepare an exclusive commercial offer based on your request.