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In the warm season, one of the most popular elements of a play area for children on the street, in a park or in a house adjoining area are children's outdoor sandboxes. Both kids from 1 year old and older guys who have already gone to school are happy to tinker in them. Various figures are molded from sand, using special forms, pyramids are built and fortresses are built.

Sandboxes for the street serve not only as a place to ensure children's leisure, they contribute to the development of the child's imagination, help to discover a certain creative potential in him.

What are street sandboxes

With the onset of warm sunny spring days and on the eve of summer, many begin to think about how to equip an outdoor children's recreation area. This applies not only to parents, but also to those responsible for the condition of adjacent territories, for organizing leisure activities in parks, on beaches and other public places. And in order for the sandbox for the playground not only to be able to fully satisfy the playing needs of the children, but also to look harmonious in its location, you should learn more about what models are.

Modern versions of children's sandboxes differ not only in size and shape, but also in the presence of various game details. A classic sandbox on a playground is a “box” made in the form of a square or rectangle with fairly high sides, inside of which sand is poured. It can be large or small, depending on the number of children who will play in it. There are also more functional designs with a stylish and attractive design. Such a sandbox for the street might look like this:

Also on sale you can find sandboxes in the form of cars, a variety of geometric shapes (circle, oval, polygon, etc.), equipped with stationary seats and even with a pool.

What materials are outdoor sandboxes made of?

When choosing a sandbox for the street, you need to know the pros and cons of the materials used to make them:

Sandboxes from "GOYDA" with delivery in Ukraine

On the pages of the official website of the company "GOYDA" you can buy a sandbox for a playground at the manufacturer's price. The catalog contains models that will harmoniously look both in the courtyard of a private house and in crowded public places. We will help you choose the best option for a park, for a playground in an apartment complex or for a small country cottage.