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Product Code: KO-4.09

Roundabout "Ball"

Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
Roundabout "Ball"
0,99 m
0,93 m
Overall Height
1,3 m
Age group
3-12 age
Product weight
76 kg
Safety zone
24,6 m2

The carousel is one of the most popular elements of playgrounds. Interesting design of the carousel is sure to please children and will bright up any play area. In addition to the fact that the carousel gives a lot of pleasure to the child, they strengthen the vestibular apparatus (which is very useful for children inclined to motion sickness), develop movement coordination, develop back, leg, hand and abdominal muscles. This way children's carousels are not just fun, they are a whole "mini exercises" for the child, which he does voluntarily and with great pleasure.  Which is unlikely to be achieved off-site.

Children's play and sports equipment promotes children's development, helps to create a favorable atmosphere for games and give joy and delight to children.

Aware of the high degree of responsibility for the safety of children, the design and manufacture of equipment for children's playgrounds and playgrounds take into account the requirements of the normative and technical documentation of Ukraine and the European standards EN-1176. All products have been examined by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine and certified by ISO and TUV.

For the safety of your children, it is not recommended to use the equipment under adverse weather conditions in which there is a possibility of injury to the child!

The safety zone is 2 m in all directions from the projection of the product.

The installation of this product involves concreting mortar parts.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes that do not impair the consumer properties of the product.