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Product Code: IN-12-08

Horizontal bars "Ladder 2"

Horizontal bars "Ladder 2"
Horizontal bars "Ladder 2"
4,1 m
1,07 m
Overall Height
1,5 m
Age group
from 12 years old
Product weight
163 kg
Safety zone
40 m2

Inclusive parallel bars for children with specific needs

Children can easily use specially equipped bars to train their arms and shoulder muscles. Hanging out outdoors is not only useful, it is also fun.

In the process of development and manufacturing, the requirements of normative and technical documentation of Ukraine and European standards EN-1176 are taken into account. All production has passed examination of the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine, certification ISO and TUV.

For the safety of your children, it is not recommended to use the equipment under adverse weather conditions in which there is a possibility of injury to the child (strong wind, hail, ice, snow, etc.).

Installation involves the concreting of mortar parts.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make constructive changes, not worsening consumer properties.